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Brunel's Vision: One Single Ticket


Welcome to the website of Robert Wallace

I am a British writer; author of ‘Clara’s Secret’, ‘One Single Ticket’ and ‘Monkeypuzzle – Lucy’s war'.

These are the projects I have in development for 2019.

'One Single Ticket’ promotion of the on-line novel with Amazon and the creation of a print on demand option. Development of an audiobook of the novel. Pictured below Stuart Amesbury and myself with Steve Yabsley. BBC Radio Bristol Interview. Listen to the interview

Stuart Amesbury and myself with Steve Yabsley

‘The Valentines Cup’ a WW2 spy thriller with a difference: it combines real life characters, with those of invention. A London literary agent has agreed to read the first draft and it is now being professionally edited.

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'Jax' - the film screenplay has been re-written after consultation with Crime Scene Investigators and a top TV Producer. This has made the project sharper and more technically accurate. I hope to have Jax optioned in 2019.

I am always looking for producers to develop my screenplays. ‘L’Empreinte Sur Le Mur’ is a challenge because it is a French love story with a twist. All I need is an actress to play the lead – Jeanne Rey – the most famous star in France! She’s out there; she needs to read it!

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Brunnels vision


‘BRUNEL’S VISION – ONE SINGLE TICKET’ now available on CD and MP3.

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Photographs from the Press Release of ‘Brunel’s Vision – One Single Ticket.’

Photos by @bryonygphoto