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Brunel's Vision: One Single Ticket


Welcome to the website of Robert Wallace

I am a British writer; author of ‘Clara’s Secret’, ‘One Single Ticket’ and ‘Monkeypuzzle – Lucy’s war'.

These are the projects I have in development for 2020.

'One Single Ticket’ promotion of the on-line novel with Amazon and the creation of a print on demand option. Development of an audiobook of the novel.

‘The Valentines Cup’ a WW2 spy thriller with a difference: it combines real life characters, with those of invention. A London literary agent has agreed to read the first draft and it is now being professionally edited.

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'Jax' - the film screenplay has been re-written after consultation with Crime Scene Investigators and a top TV Producer. This has made the project sharper and more technically accurate. I hope to have Jax optioned in 2019.

I am always looking for producers to develop my screenplays. ‘L’Empreinte Sur Le Mur’ is a challenge because it is a French love story with a twist. All I need is an actress to play the lead – Jeanne Rey – the most famous star in France! She’s out there; she needs to read it!

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Brunnels vision


‘BRUNEL’S VISION – ONE SINGLE TICKET’ now available on CD and MP3.

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Photographs from the Press Release of ‘Brunel’s Vision – One Single Ticket.’

Photos by @bryonygphoto